What Our Clients Say

"I can honestly say without any hesitation that we were BLOWN away with the quality of the food and the ingredient list of each meal! Each item was weighed and measured accordingly with nutrition information attached so that we knew exactly what we were eating and how much.  Meal prep and portion control are two key factors we have found helpful in maintaining a healthy body weight but they can both become tedious and time consuming not to mention repetitive when you practice an 80% paleo lifestyle. MVP made this process seamless without diminishing the quality of the food and the variety was great. We will 100% be purchasing from MVP in the future!"

                                                -Lacie & Jamar, Baden ON


"The meals are fresh, tasty and delivered on time.  The best thing about mvp meals: they fit within our health and wellness plan"

                                                -James Family, Kitchener ON


"We tried our first week's worth of meals. They were FANTASTIC in quality and taste. Highly recommended!"

                                                -Mark F, Kitchener ON


"My favorites include the Zucchini, Turkey & Tomato "Pasta" & Cauliflower Mash with Grilled Steak. However, all the food I tried were portioned, healthy and very tasty. The best part is I am home and eating healthy within 30 minutes!"

                                                -Alison S, Kitchener ON


"I was really happy and excited to try out the service. It's super convenient and the food is delicious. The meals stay fresh and everything is portioned nicely. The customer service is friendly, professional and on time with delivery. I would certainly recommend this service as an option for the busy workperson and business owners."

                                                -Sam A, Realtor & Owner of Sold by Sam


"Great tasting food with good portion control. I found the service very useful in limiting my calorie intake to stay within my goals. The food was of high quality and very nutritious. I am inspired to seek out more healthier choices in my day to day life"

                                                -James F, Owner of Vintner's Cellar, Waterloo ON


"Super meals that look great and taste even better! Smart, healthy choices, pre-portioned out. Love eating them on the go and having them ready when we come home from a busy day at work. Would highly recommend this service-your taste buds will thank you!"

                                                   -The Fields Family

"The food is incredible and sooooo tasty! The service is spectactular! I love the portion sizes and quality is great'"

                                                    -Andrew Brown

"People often ask me how I'm able to work all the time or such random long hours. Well MVP Meals are the ones that keep me eating healthy and full of energy! Thanks to the devoted team that's always prompt with their deliveries on Sundays and keeps me fed! Make sure to check them out!"

                                                     -Daniel Dragas, Owner of The Dragas Auto Gallery, 


"Weekly food prep always on point with MVP Meals! They always take care of us at Crossfit Division"

                                                       -David Velikov, Owner of Crossfit Division, Waterloo 


"Just wanted to send one more follow up now that I have finished my first week's worth of MVP Meals.  I thoroughly enjoyed every one of my meals this week -- even the Beef
Stirfry with Zucchini Noodles which, as an avowed carnivore, I was a bit leery of. I will certainly become a regular and loyal customer for as long as you operate"

                                                 -John G